Dr. Brad Beaumier

The Animal House Staff

Immersed in the farming life since childhood, Brad’s decision to study veterinary medicine was as natural as the change of seasons. A kind-hearted and earnest youngster, he enjoyed working side-by-side with his parents on their dairy homestead. Now with a family of his own, he is veterinarian by day, and fills his other hours tending to a herd of cattle, a string of horses, a flock of chickens, a pack of dogs, a clutter of cats, and a hive of bees. With the heart and spirit of a true farmer, Brad continues the legacy that his parent’s instilled, choosing a life surrounded by the natural world and countless creatures great and small.

Current menagerie: Dogs: Waylon, Australian Shepherd, Ginger, Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Mix, Panda, Boston Terrier. Cats:  Polly, Percy, Pip, Chester. Horses: Trigger, Midnight, Silver, Glacier, Prada, Daisy, Butterscotch, Duchess, Whiskey. Rabbit: Truffle

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