Yorkshire Terrier dog after pet grooming


Best In Show Grooming

Treat your pet to the finest grooming service available. Your pet will love you for the extra care and attention.

Most pets enjoy the grooming experience. They relish the extra attention and pampering, and they look and smell marvelous. Grooming is also part of a total health program.  Pets that experience regular grooming have healthier coats, cleaner ears, and properly trimmed nails. Our groomers use hand-scissoring techniques for the most professional finish.

Highly skilled at identifying possible concerns of the skin, eyes, ears, and teeth, our groomers can detect possible health issues. If a condition is present, treatment can be administered the same day by our veterinary staff from The Animal House Pet Clinic.

Handsome and healthy, that is the goal of every grooming session at The Animal House. 

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