Our Team

Our stand-out staff is the cat's meow. Meet our professionals and experts who are passionate about your pet's well-being.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Patrick Warpinski

Dr. Patrick Warpinski

Best known as Dr. Pat, Patrick Warpinski is living his lifelong dream of owning and operating his very own Animal House and considers himself very fortunate to do what he loves best every single day. Created and developed by Dr. Pat, both the Pet Clinic and Groom & Board are reflections of his basic personality: energetic, personable, and progressive. Dr. Pat's passion for animal humane efforts extends into the community in that he also supports many local pet rescue groups and shelters, and originated a low cost pet care program at Paul's Pantry for those in need.  In early 2015,  and was one of 10 veterinarians chosen worldwide to participate in the NOBIVAC Global Vet Exchange Program. When Dr. Pat is not at The Animal House or his other animal endeavors, he can be found every Saturday night on The Avenue 91.1FM with his wheelbarrow full of vinyl, discussing the great rock and roll artists of our time with his pal Hugo, a Bouvier des Flanders, by his side.

Dr. Heidi Lewis

Dr. Heidi Lewis

Dr. Heidi's love for animals and the science of caring for them was homespun in rural Belmont, Wisconsin. Surrounded by a menagerie on the hobby farm of her youth, she and her family raised and trained Collies. Her childhood and family life inspired a natural interest in companion animal medicine with a particular focus on birds and other exotic creatures, and advanced reproductive medicine. A practitioner with uncommon ease and ability in the medical and surgical aspects of treating cats and dogs, Dr. Heidi brings to The Animal House a deepened expertise in avian and exotic medicine, advanced breeding techniques, and ultrasound imaging. Living with two cats, Apollo and Selena, and Titan, a standard poodle, Dr. Heidi is on her way to creating a menagerie of her own for her children and husband Jim, at her home in Suamico.

Dr. Kelly Falck

Dr. Kelly Falck

Born and raised in rural East De Pere, Dr. Kelly is one of those rare and lucky persons who grew up always knowing what she would do as her life's work. True to herself, in second grade she wrote a contract,  "I Promise I Will Become a Veterinarian". After gaining her DVM with honors and distinction she made her home in Colorado. During those 12 years, Dr. Kelly found she missed the comfort of family and friends and Green Bay's easy lifestyle. Now at The Animal House, she is enjoying the community she knew as a youth and is very enthused to be a part of the veterinary team. Always actively giving, Dr. Kelly also volunteers her time with Cats Anonymous and Providence Academy. She dreams one day of owning a hobby farm and is an active member of B.O.W. at UW-Stevens Point where she is learning all about ice fishing, dog sledding and archery. Dr. Kelly, her husband Tad, and her five boys, and Clara, her "Toller" (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever), happily reside on Green Bay's East Side.

Dr. Theresa Jarvey

Dr. Theresa Jarvey

As a child growing up in De Pere, Dr. Theresa always knew she wanted to become a veterinarian. Theresa's start at The Animal House goes back to 2006, working in a variety of support roles at both The Pet Clinic and The Groom & Board. Although she has taken breaks for her studies, she has never left us for very long. Dr. Theresa finished her undergraduate coursework at UW-Milwaukee and completed her veterinary studies at St. Matthew's University and the University of Minnesota. With a special interest in physical therapy, she brings a fresh perspective, along with her energy and enthusiasm.  Dr. Theresa, and her family, love spending time with one another along with "Silas",  German Shepard and "Charlie Girl", Llasa Apso .

Dr. Jessica Joniaux

Dr. Jessica Joniaux

Born and raised in Casco, Dr. Jessica's childhood was filled with dreams of becoming a zoo keeper.  Her love for animals led to volunteer positions at the NEW Zoo and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary which blossomed into a passion for the veterinary field, and a degree from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.  Her interests lie in primary care, internal medicine and urgent care.  Ever the outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Jessica learned to shoot trap at age 12, and continues league competition.  Now permanently back in Northeastern Wisconsin, Dr. Jessica is thrilled to be nestled in Brussels, where Belgian tripe is just a country mile away.

Current Pet: Scout, Chocolate Lab/Pit Mix

Dr. Jordan Bauer

Dr. Jordan Bauer

Dr. Jordan’s love of animals was sparked at age two, when her father placed her on the back of Patsy the Pony at the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Since then it’s been a wild ride in the world of cats, dogs and horses. A graduate of University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jordan combines her passion for caring for family pets along with participating in the horse sport of Three-Day Eventing. Now a Green Bay resident, Dr Bauer splits her time between her home in Astor Park with her husband, and life on the road with her two thoroughbreds, testing her mastery in dressage, cross country and stadium jumping.

Current Pets: Clyde-lab mix, Broccoli Rob-Beagle Mix, Sully- Cavachon, Arya and Finn- chihuahua pair, Harper-Yorkie, along with Dobby and Cleo-domestic shorthair felines.

Our Management Team

Blaire Hill, CVT

Position: Operations Manager/Senior Veterinary Technician.

From it's very inception, Blaire Hill has served an essential role at The Animal House. As manager of operations, Blaire implements The Animal House philosophy with pet owners, staff and the community. She is the primary contact for vendors and shelters/rescues, and is always actively promoting The Animal House to professional and industry peers. She is responsible for all management aspects of running both the Pet Clinic and Groom and Board facilities, including human resources.

A certified veterinary technician with over 15 years experience in providing pet health care, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the process of delivering care and the management of all veterinary, boarding, daycare, grooming and training staff. 

With responsibilities aplenty and a diverse schedule, her favorite role is developing and maintaining community relationships and mentoring those pursuing a career in animal care. Blaire engaged member of the WVPMA and the WVTA.

A blend of artist and adventurer, Blaire enjoys nature, traveling, and sports with her son, daughter, and husband Jake.

Current Pet: Kelty, Australian Shepherd, and Poppy, Lab Mix

Jamie Koenig, CVT

Position: Groom & Board Manager/ Certified Veterinary Technician.

It's raining cats and dogs at The Groom and Board and Jamie is the hands on manager directly responsible for keeping the calm. It can be crazy busy with packs of canines and select felines visiting every day. Jamie's friendly, organized approach ensures that the day flows smoothly and that all the pets are enjoying their stay with us. A Certified Veterinary Technician, she excels at integrating the veterinary aspect into boarding, daycare, grooming and training services and is always looking for ways to enhance the Groom & Board experience.  Although there is never a dull moment and every day is different, the favorite part of her day is using her vet tech skills and teaching and developing the Groom & Board staff.

Jamie's history with The Animal House is deep. She was one of the very first vet tech hires, quickly advanced to Groom & Board manager, and is a key member of the Animal House management team. 

When not at The Groom & Board you can find Jamie training for 1/2 marathons in the summer, and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. But her favorite activity is simply hanging out with her daughter, son, and husband, Matt in the Northwoods.

Current Pets:  Lolly, Lab Mix and Branch, Brittney Spaniel

Our Grooming Professionals

Stacey Callahan

Position:  Lead Groomer

Stacey's youthful energy lends a spark to our grooming salon. Her positive attitude contributes to the spirit of team work amongst the Groom & Board staff. With over 13 years experience grooming pets, she has found a career she truly loves.

Current Pet: Leroy Brown, Australian Cattle Dog

Lynn Williams

Position: Groomer

Lynn comes to The Animal House highly experienced with nearly 25 years experience. Grooming since 1992, she has owned her own grooming business and excels at all types of cuts with all breeds.

Current Pet: Tug, Black Lab

Brianna Blau

Position: Groomer

Early in life, Brianna loved accompanying her own pets to the grooming studio. Now she is right where she wants to be, surrounded by dogs and cats creating beautiful grooms at The Animal House Groom & Board. Brianna enjoys working with all types of breeds, and loves them all, big and small.

Current Pets: Orville, Chinese Crested, Ray, Australian Shepherd, Aspen, Golden Retriever, and two domestic shorthair felines: Louie and Bea.


Mickey Dick

Position: Groomer

Mickey's 15 years of experience and strong work ethic make her a valuable member of the grooming team. She enjoys her daily interaction with clients and pets and finds pride in a beautifully completed groom.

Current Pets: Bella and Jax, German Shepherd Pair

Erica Vannieuwenhoven

Position: Groomer

Erica’s beautiful grooms are a reflection of her quiet, calm demeanor. A professional with nearly 5 years experience, she enjoys crafting a wide range of looks, from the most detailed haircuts to the fresh, feathered style of a bath and brush.

Current Pets: JR and June, Cattle Dogs



Our Trainers

Mydiek Wentland

Position: Trainer

Raised on a Hobby Farm in rural Kewaunee, Mydiek’s love of pets and interest in dog training took off in her teens when she bred and raised her very own litter of Chihuahuas at age 14.  Now, as an Animal House veteran employee with ten years training experience and a special interest working with dog rescues, The Animal House welcomes Mydiek’s enthusiastic approach to the art and craft of building bonds between owners and their loving pals. 

Current Pets: Tig and Dominic, Chihuahuas and Cyrus, Pit Mix