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Veterinary Care

Extraordinary Veterinary Care

Our veterinary care philosophy is simple. We treat your pet as we would our own. Truly extraordinary and personal, our mix of services is what every pet owner needs.

Primary Care

  • Urgent Care – We provide same day service for sick/injured pets during regular Pet Clinic Hours. Waiting several days to have your pet assessed may result in higher costs and slower recovery time. We highly encourage you to call and discuss your concerns. Together, with your input, we can determine if your pet needs to be seen immediately.
  • Dental Programs – Just like humans, your pet’s dental health is a key component of wellness. We offer prevention programs for one of the most commonly overlooked medical issues that can lead to major problems (and expenses) later in your pet’s life. In addition, our veterinary staff diagnoses and treats tooth root issues, fissures, oral cancer and provides tooth extractions.
  • Geriatrics – Most older pets require special care.  At their advanced stage, they can benefit from treatments and procedures to enhance their quality of life and extend their lifespan. 
  • New Puppy/Kitten Programs – Beyond vaccinations, your new pal will receive a thorough exam and an individualized wellness plan. We also provide breed recommendations, infant/child-puppy safety, and house training strategies. In addition, we offer Puppy Class at The Groom & Board.
  • Nutritional Counseling – Proper nutrition is the foundation of your pet’s overall health. Nutritional needs change at various life stages. We recommend Purina and Royal Canin products for wellness, and special prescription diets for treatment of liver, kidney, and bladder dysfunction, obesity, allergies, and other disorders.
  • Wellness Programs – We provide customized recommendations based on lifestyle to prevent illness and disease. 
  • Pocket Pets and Birds – The Animal House welcomes your extra special friends into the care of our experienced staff.

Special Focus

  • Orthopedics – Chronic pain and lameness results in significant reduction in quality of life and shorter life spans. Our veterinarians surgically correct select cruciate injuries, luxated patella, hip dysplasia, and general fractures. For cases requiring orthopedic specialists, we have strong relationships with area referral clinics. 
  • Abdominal Surgery – Our surgical staff are skilled in a variety soft tissue surgery including removal of the spleen, liver, kidney and gall bladder. In addition, we provide expertise in stone removal of the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.
  • Nose and Eye Capabilities – A common medical issue for specific breeds, we offer corrective surgery of the nose and eye when necessary.
  • Behavioral Medicine – Our clinic is highly successful in diagnosing and treating anxiety, aggression and other related disorders. In most cases, your pet and household will get back to “normal.” Our dog daycare may provide relief as well. Used as a form of therapy, the extra activity and socialization can decrease or even eliminate many distressing problems for our canine friends. Group or One-On-One training at home with our dedicated trainers are additional options for entrenched behavioral issues.
  • Dermatology – A common problem with often highly complex root causes, our veterinarians go beyond standard treatments of antibiotics and steroids and work diligently to accurately diagnose and resolve.
  • Reproduction – For breeders and pet owners alike, our capabilities in this area are quite extensive: Early stage pregnancy diagnosis (30 days), artificial insemination, surgical artificial insemination, and c-section.

Technological Capabilties

ABAXIS In House Lab – You won’t have to wait with our state of the art system. With immediate blood results, most treatment recommendations can be made quickly resulting in faster recovery.

Ultrasound Imaging – This essential service is used to detect abdominal masses/stones, aid in biopsies, and diagnose early pregnancy.

Digital X-Ray – In house radiography for rapid and accurate diagnosis. If needed, allows for on-site file sharing and consults with referral veterinarians.

Electrocautery – Aids in the removal of masses and growths. Decreases bleeding.

Blood Transfusion – For emergency situations during Pet Clinic Hours.

Echocardiogram – An Echocardiogram uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart.


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