Two happy dogs enjoying doggy daycare


Our Daycare Dominates!

Every dog has it’s day at The Animal House. Your dog will play indoors and outside in the fresh air with other daycare buddies in a supervised, structured setting.

Pets romp on playground equipment, play fetch and tug of war, and in the warm months, splash in a cool sprinkler system and swim in our bone-shaped , in-ground swimming pool. Each day, trained daycare staff incorporate a “Command of the Day” and games to excercise pets mentally and physically.

There is so much to do in our lives. Providing sufficient exercise for our pals can seem nearly impossible. The average Labrador Retriever needs to run about five miles a day!

Some people bring their pets simply to play, have fun, and get a “workout.” But daycare is about much more than just getting exercise. Combined with proper nutrition, daycare can be part of a weight reduction program. It can also be used very effectively to treat behavior disorders that really challenge your relationship with your pet.

The benefits of just a few days a week of increased activity and socialization have been shown to decrease destructive behaviors such as chewing, inappropriate elimination, and excessive barking. Daycare can even reduce or eliminate the effects of separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. For more information on our Behavior Medicine services, click here.

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