Best In Show Grooming

Treat your pet to the finest grooming service available. Your pet will love you for the extra care and attention.


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Most pets enjoy the grooming experience. They relish the extra attention and pampering, and they look and smell marvelous. Grooming is also part of a total health program.  Pets that experience regular grooming have healthier coats, cleaner ears, and properly trimmed nails. Our groomers use hand-scissoring techniques for the most professional finish.

Highly skilled at identifying possible concerns of the skin, eyes, ears, and teeth, our groomers can detect possible health issues. If a condition is present, treatment can be administered the same day by our veterinary staff from The Animal House Pet Clinic.

Handsome and healthy, that is the goal of every grooming session at The Animal House. 


Can I drop by pet off before work and pick them up after?

Yes, there is no additional charge and the groomer will be sure to let your pet out for relief breaks as needed.

Do I have to make an appointment for a face trim or sanitary clip?

No, but you will want to call us before coming in to ensure a groomer is available.

Do I have to make an appointment for a nail trim?

Yes an appointment is needed, we provide nail trims during our business hours,  please note that proof of rabies vaccine is required for all services.

Does it make a difference if I use different groomers?

It is preferable to use the same groomer because your pet will become comfortable with the groomer and the groomer will become familiar with your pet's personality and health history. Just like human hair stylists!

How far out should I schedule my pets grooming appointments?

Your groomer will make a recommendation. If possible, get on a set schedule, so that you know your pet will receive his/her groom at the optimum time with the same groomer. For example, every 4th Monday.  If that is not possible, set up the next groom the day you pick up your pet up from the groomer.  Pre-booking is highly recommended as the grooming schedule is exceptionally busy.

How long can I expect my pet to be at AH for grooming?

3-5 hours. We take into consideration: drying time, blowing/combing as much hair out as possible, and making the pet look great.

How often should I have my pet groomed?

Every 4-10 weeks depending on the type of pet and what type of hair style you want.

If I give my pet a bath at home between trims, do I need to brush them?

Yes, you must brush and comb them completely before getting them wet. Mats/tangles become much worse after getting wet. Re-brush/comb after they are dry. Always use pet shampoo, never human shampoo.

If my pet is matted, can he or she receive a comb out during the groom?

Depending on the size of mats we may be able to thin them out, but if the pet is severely matted, we shave your pet down. Combing mats can be very painful and traumatizing to pets.

What kind of brush should I be using at home?

Slicker brush and a wire toothed comb. You want to use the proper grooming tools that get down to the skin to detangle the hair. You should also brush/comb your pet daily.