Enhanced Measures at The Animal House to Quell Covid-19


At The Animal House, we believe the community response in the upcoming weeks will determine the impact of Covid-19.

Effective immediately, we will delay routine appointments, elective surgeries and house call service. We will continue to provide new puppy and kitten vaccinations, rabies boosters, urgent care services and surgeries for medical patients. Telemedicine services will be available for pets that have had an exam within one year. If you have an existing routine appointment we will contact you to cancel. For questions, please call our reception staff at 920-465-4629.

The Groom and Board will continue normal operations, with adjustments, as this facility already operates with limited social interaction. If boarding, bring your pet's medications and food, but bedding, toys, etc will no longer be accepted. Effective immediately, it will be necessary to call 920-465-4444 to arrange for pet drop off or pick up directly from your vehicle to limit contact.

In both facilities, we ask that care be taken to allow for social distance, 3 - 6 feet of space between yourself, our staff and other pet owners. Do not enter our facilities if you feel unwell. Please understand that these are temporary measures. Let’s work together to keep our community safe.

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