Dr. Pat Announces Retirement, Shares Transition Plan


A message from Dr. Pat ~

With a mixture of excitement and sadness, today I want to share that I am stepping away from my beloved Animal House.

In 2004, I opened the doors with a vision, two employees, and little more than pocket change. I never imagined how those spare early years would give life to The Pet Clinic and Groom & Board of 2022. The venture has been a wild ride, nerve racking at times, but mostly exhilarating and fulfilling. Caring for pets and their families has been a calling, I feel incredibly fortunate to love my life’s work.

I am especially grateful to the key individuals who have been instrumental in the evolution of the Animal House to this present moment. Together Dr. Heidi Lewis, Blaire Hill, and Jamie Koenig embody the organization’s values and culture. Without question, they represent the future. That said, I feel ready to entrust The Animal House to their stewardship.
Beginning Jan 1, 2023, Dr. Heidi will head up our outstanding veterinary team. A highly skilled doctor and excellent surgeon with 20 years experience, she has proven herself ready to bring her own style of leadership. Blaire and Jamie will continue as Hospital Administrator and Groom & Board Manager, respectively. From the onset, Blaire has been my right arm. Along with Jamie, a veteran team member, they will continue to provide a steadfast managerial presence. I have my utmost confidence in the trio of Dr. Heidi, Blaire and Jamie.

To answer the question that many have queried. Why leave the work that you love so much? For over 30 years I have dedicated my life to veterinary practice. And while I greatly enjoy my work, it is all encompassing. Stepping down from leadership will allow others in the organization to grow and will give me the opportunity to contemplate how to spend my most precious resource, time. At years end I will be taking an extended sabbatical to consider how to reimagine my life. I fully expect to be surprised at what I discover.

To all the loyal Animal House pet owners, I thank you deeply. You have entrusted me with the pets of your families, extended relatives and neighbors. Many of you have become friends. When it comes down to it, The Animal House at its essence, has been about relationships. Please know each interaction no matter how brief has left an imprint. I will always have those memories to hold fast moving forward.


Dr. Pat