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Email is used to communicate health check and medication reminders, and allows you to manage your pet's health online. For internal use at The Animal house only.


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Note: Your pet will be required to be up to date on all required vaccines and parasite protection at the time of check-in. If your pet is not up to date, you can receive veterinary services from Animal House veterinarians to facilitate check-in.

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Medical Treatment Release

The staff at The Animal House Groom & Board will monitor general health conditions whenever your pet receives boarding, daycare, or grooming services. For your convenience, one of our veterinarians from The Animal House Pet Clinic will be available to examine and treat your pet if a problem is noted.

Please check which option you prefer:

Please have one of the veterinarians at The Animal House Pet Clinic examine and treat my pet.

Please call me before examining and treating my pet.

I decline receiving veterinary services at this time and will seek treatment with my regular veterinarian.

In case of serious injury or illness, The Pet Clinic will immediately provide assessment and a treatment recommendation, and will make every attempt to contact you prior to providing veterinary care.

In an emergency situation, when client contact is attempted but not made, The Pet Clinic will move forward with emergency treatment to the best of its discretion at the owner's expense.

This release will remain in effect until the pet owner chooses to revoke it.

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