Our Friendly Fees

Friendly Fees is more than just a catch phrase. Friendly Fees is a business philosophy at The Animal House. We want everyone who has a pet to have access to care. The Animal House is for every kind of pet owner. At every life stage. At every income level.

What do we mean by Friendly Fees?

Fair Pricing

We are neither a discount nor the most costly provider. We charge what we consider a fair price. Most of our fees are in the middle to lower range in comparison to other local providers.

Fee Transparency

No hidden fees. Some providers bundle services together making it difficult to compare pricing. For example, the cost of the physical exam may be included in the vaccine fee. We do not do this. Call us and ask how we structure our veterinary fees. Our rates for our Groom & Board services are available here

Firm Quotes for Surgeries and Procedures

If your pet needs a procedure or surgery you will receive a quote. If our costs come in less than expected, you will be charged less than quoted. If the costs come in more than expected, you will be charged the amount quoted.

Individualized preventative medicine based on a pet’s lifestyle

We approach each pet’s preventative care as unique. Some providers may use a “cookie cutter” strategy, meaning the same prevention programs are applied regardless of a pet’s lifestyle, possibly resulting in unnecessary vaccines or meds and additional cost. Our recommendations are optimum for your pet’s lifestyle. Meaning we will only recommend prevention that your pet truly needs.

Conservative diagnosis philosophy.

Unless a concern is urgent, we start with the most obvious, least costly practical diagnostic approach. Meaning, we don’t immediately run every test available. A flat out, “run every test available” strategy is very costly and in most cases, highly unnecessary for most common health concerns.

Same Day Urgent Care Services at Standard Pricing

If your pet has an urgent medical issue, you will be seen the same day. Our Urgent Care service is available Mon 8am-7pm, Tues-Thurs 8-6, Fri 8-5, Sat 8-Noon.

Payment Options

We accept credit cards, checks, cash and Care Credit.

Community Based Programs for Pet Owners in Need

The Animal House provides low-cost programs through several area rescue groups and humane organizations, and on a case-by-case basis in-house. We believe no one should be denied basic care for their pet because of income.


Friendly Fees. It’s good for everyone.