Our Daycare Dominates!

Every dog has it's day at The Animal House. Your dog will play indoors and outside in the fresh air with other daycare buddies in a supervised, structured setting.


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Pets romp on playground equipment, play fetch and tug of war, and in the warm months, splash in a cool sprinkler system and swim in our bone-shaped , in-ground swimming pool. Each day, trained daycare staff incorporate a "Command of the Day" and games to excercise pets mentally and physically.

There is so much to do in our lives. Providing sufficient exercise for our pals can seem nearly impossible. The average Labrador Retriever needs to run about five miles a day!

Some people bring their pets simply to play, have fun, and get a "workout." But daycare is about much more than just getting exercise. Combined with proper nutrition, daycare can be part of a weight reduction program. It can also be used very effectively to treat behavior disorders that really challenge your relationship with your pet.

The benefits of just a few days a week of increased activity and socialization have been shown to decrease destructive behaviors such as chewing, inappropriate elimination, and excessive barking. Daycare can even reduce or eliminate the effects of separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. For more information on our Behavior Medicine services, click here.


Can my puppy come to daycare?

Absolutely. In fact, dogs exposed early in life to daycare demonstrate significantly less anxiety when it comes time to board. Puppy Care is for puppies aged 8-16 weeks, and typically for shorter play periods. At 6 months of age, spaying or neutering is required. Click here to see our special Puppy Daycare Rates.

Dogs can get pretty rambunctious while playing. Is there any chance at all that my pet can get hurt?

Your pet will most likely be playing continuously except for rest time. If your dog is not used to this intensity of activity they may experience sore muscles and feet. Consider starting them with shorter days until they adjust to the activity level. Dogs can be very active and physical while playing. Minor nicks and scrapes may occasionally occur. 

The choice to use daycare is similar to the decision to use general anesthetic for medical procedures. Daycare is tremendously beneficial but there is the slight risk that serious injury may occur.  Orthopedic problems are a possibility, and despite diligent screening, it is impossible to eliminate all inappropriate/aggressive behavior.

How do I get my pet enrolled in your program?

Get your pet registered using the interactive Groom & Board Registration Form. Then call and set up an appointment at 920-465-4444 for a behavior assessment.

How is The Animal House Groom & Board daycare different?

We adhere to the highest standards to ensure safety, enjoyment, and value by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Behavior assessments on all dogs prior to admission ensures the most positive play setting.
  • Mandatory proof of spaying/neutering, annual exams, vaccines, and parasite preventative, keeps all play buddies healthy.
  • Health checks for every dog upon admission for parasites and contagious illness.
  • Dry indoor play area, keeps pets cleaner.
  • Outdoor play/relief areas. Fresh air and pool/water fun during warm weather.
  • Constant supervision with a well-trained, friendly staff.
  • Staff directed daycare games to enhance stimulation.
  • Veterinary care, right next door at The Animal House Pet Clinic.
  • On-site trainers to address behavior issues.

My dog has a great disposition and gets along great with every dog encountered. Why is behavior assessment necessary?

Daycare is a unique situation where large groups of dogs are playing together for extended periods. Even the most outwardly gregarious dog may experience some anxiety when encountering a pack of high-energy canines and may act unpredictably. If your dog has a good behavior history, the chances are excellent that daycare will work well for your pet.

My pet is having some serious behavior problems at home. Can daycare help this?

Possibly. Behavior problems must be diagnosed before implementation of a treatment plan. Attempts to self-treat could result in an escalation of the problem. Behavior modification is a special focus for our veterinary staff and many treatment plans include the use of daycare as a means to alleviate excess energy, reduce anxiety, and improve socialization skills. In many situations, our veterinarians will recommend working with our trainer to help alleviate concerns. Our trainers can work one-on-one at our facility or in your home. If you feel your pet has behavior problem, make an appointment with one of our veterinarians and they can develop the right treatment plan for your pet.

What if there is an injury, how it will be handled?

The Animal House Pet Clinic is literally 50 feet from the daycare. If a serious injury occurs during regular business hours our veterinary staff will do an assessment and develop a treatment recommendation. You will then be called immediately. Upon your approval, we will administer care. In the rare occurrence that an Animal House veterinarian is not available on evenings or weekends, the Green Bay Animal Emergency Center will be utilized. Please see the Groom & Board Registration Form for full details on our emergency protocol.

What is the daily schedule? Will my dog get lunch or treats

Daycare officially starts at 9am and runs continuously until 4pm. Depending on the season and weather, your pet will play outdoors as much as possible. Mini-group training sessions and games are integrated into the daily routine. Lunch or treats are given upon request.

Will my dog stay clean in daycare?

When dogs play together, they mouth one another, roll on their backs, and generally pick up some dirt. If you allow outdoor play in the warm months, a pool for cooling off is available. The pool is for swimming only and is not contaminated with animal soil. Dogs love water fun but it can leave your pal a bit messy. If this is a concern, you can request that your pet be given a bath at the end of the day or kept outside of the pool area.