Our Charitable Giving

Welcome. Supporting our community is integral to our business philosophy, that is, to treat others as we would want to be treated, with respect and dignity.

To that end, The Animal House has developed Community Giving Goals and Guidelines that we feel are consistent with our core beliefs and values.

Before requesting a donation, please review the following criteria. The Animal House supports the following organizations and or events that:

Are locally based and serve the Brown County community
Directly benefit children/families, animals, the arts (in that order)
Support efforts toward diversity acceptance, public safety, drug/alcohol awareness, poverty/homelessness issues, environmental concerns
In a year's time we receive hundreds of donation requests, all for very worthy causes. Those organizations that most closely align with our Giving Goals and Guidelines will receive priority status.

If you would like to make a charitable request please fill out our interactive form.

Thank you.

The Animal House Staff

Donation Form

Due Date of Donation. Three weeks notice is required.

Is your fundraising effort?

Of Direct Benefit to Brown County Residents
Supportive of Diversity Acceptance, Public Safety Drug/Alcohol Awareness, Poverty/Homelessness, Or the Environment

Will the funds be used to benefit:

The Arts
Is your organization a non-profit?
Do you have a flyer of the fundraiser that can be attached via email or mailed in? Important: Your request can not be considered without this documentation.
Ok to contact via email?
Do you prefer to mail flyer?

Please send correspondence to:
The Animal House Pet Clinic
Charitable Donation Request
3171 Voyager Drive
Green Bay, Wi 54311