Boarding With Integrated Veterinary Care

You can rest easy knowing that our veterinary staff is on site. Every aspect of your pet's boarding experience is designed with your pal's health and happiness in mind. 

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Dog Accommodations

Luxury Suites

An enhanced boarding experience.  Glass door fronts, raised beds, quieter setting. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate every breed. Limited  number of exclusive rooms with an full outdoor view.

Standard Boarding

A highly-rated boarding experience without all the frills. Standard amenities in a 3' x 7' run.

Standard Amenities

  • Veterinary Oversight. Pets that stay with us, stay healthy.
  • Outdoor Play/Relief Time. Fresh air, 3x a day. Group play or solo.
  • Quality diets and Hand Watering. Home diet or low residue premium.
  • Abundant Natural Lighting. Sunlit and soothing.
  • Heated Floors. Quick drying and therapeutic.
  • West Paws Bedding. Soft, gentle comfort. Organic.
  • Sanitary Surroundings. Seamless floors and epoxy coated walls.
  • Fresh Air Exchangers and Ventilation. Clean, high quality environment.
  • Soft Music. Promotes peace and calm.
  • Fire and Security System. Monitors unforeseen circumstances.
  • Experienced, Friendly Staff. We bond with your pet.


Run Choice
    8x8, 5x8, 5x6 or 3x6.

Room with a View.
    Full outdoor view. Dogs love this feature. 8x8 or 5x8.

    Extended group playtime. Your dog will play all day, sleep all night.

Grooming Services
    Simple nail trim, refreshing bath or a full groom.

    One-on-one training can occur while your pal boards with us.

Medical Treatment
    From mild acute to serious chronic conditions and emergency.

Medication Disbursement
    By our training professional staff.

Cat Accommodations

Cat Condos

Multiple levels for climbing, hiding, perching.  Completely separate from those blustering canines, these quiet units house one or two kitties.

Standard Amenities

  • Soft Beds. For nestling.
  • Diligent Housekeeping. Litter box monitored continuously.
  • Owner Specified Nutritional Plan. Exact diet/feeding schedule as home.

Integrated Veterinary Service

With veterinary oversight and management, we provide comprehensive, integrated care. Your pet can recieve the best of medical attention while staying with us.

Commonly Requested Preventative

  • Annual Exam/Physical
  • Vaccine Update
  • Parasite Prevention

Commonly Requested Elective Procedures

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Growth Removal

Common Chronic Treatments Provided

  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Seizure Monitoring and Management
  • Pain Management


Can my pet really get accustomed to boarding

Absolutely. Pets prefer consistency. They feel safe when they know what to expect. An excellent way to introduce your pet to the Groom & Board experience is to try our daycare for a few days in advance of boarding. By attending daycare, your dog will feel they "know" the place and in the majority of cases, will truly come to enjoy their visit with us.

How can I enjoy my vacation when my pet’s boarding?

We recognize that pet owners have varied concerns about boarding. Most guilt stems from the belief that the owner feels they are somehow "abandoning" their pet.

A quality setting such as ours seeks to decrease stress and creates an environment where pets interact with loving staff and have the option to play with other pet pals in daycare so that most of their "down" time is spent sleeping and resting, just like home. Most pets have such wonderful fun playing, that after a short period of adjustment, they become very comfortable and lose an awareness of how long you have been away from them.

Please call or stop by for a tour during our regular business hours. Seeing the facility and meeting our staff should provide reassurance. Your trust and confidence in us is so very important. We welcome a frank discussion of your concerns, and truly appreciate your interest regarding your pet’s welfare.

My dog has been home a couple days after boarding and seems unusually fatigued. Is this normal?

Yes. It is perfectly normal for your pet to sleep more than usual for the first few days after boarding. The resulting change is similar to your own vacation experience. The more fun and exciting the getaway, the more fatiguing the adjustment back to "reality." Please call if you are concerned however, or if anything appears to be out of the ordinary. We will be happy to discuss your pet’s behavior and answer any questions you might have about your pet’s stay.

What else can I do to enhance my pet’s boarding experience?

Choose the most appropriate boarding accommodation for your pet. Consider space and noise levels when making your suite choice.

  • Luxury boarding suites provide a quieter atmosphere and a choice of sizes. Larger runs are typically better for larger breeds, multiple dogs and/or the anxious pet.
  • Room with a View provides plenty of sunlight, pets watch outdoor activity keeping them occupied and interested.
  • Standard runs are a great option for the easy going pet.
  • Our reception staff will provide recommendations based on your pet's size and disposition.

When possible choose daycare.This is great exercise, socialization and an excellent distraction while you are away.

Reduce or eliminate factors that create stress in your pet. Stress is the major
cause of problems. Here is a list of things to remember:

  • Bring your own food, especially for our first-time or infrequent visitors. We strongly recommend this to alleviate sudden changes in their digestive situation. A Premium Low Residue Diet is available for a fee. This diet is easy to digest and is recommended by our veterinarians for pets with sensitive systems. Cat owners must provide a diet from home.
  • Avoid triggering unnecessary anxiety. For instance, if the presence of suitcases creates worry, leave them out of sight.
  • Make your good-byes short, cheerful, and confident. Pets can sense overly emotional farewells and will respond accordingly. Upon welcoming your pet, please do so in a calm fashion. Your pet will sense that you feel secure.
  • Even though your pet had a marvelous time, they will still be very excited to see you. Once at home, many dogs in their excitement may drink or eat profusely, potentially causing vomiting or diarrhea. To avoid this, offer ice cubes or very limited amounts of water until they settle down. Cats typically adapt quite quickly with little or no intervention.